The Chicago GNU/Linux User Group is a community of GNU/Linux and Free software developers, enthusiasts and system administrators who live in and around Chicago, Illinois. If you're curious about Linux and Free/Libre and Open-Source software, consider joining us.

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Meetings and Events

January 2020 Meeting of ChicagoLUG

on January 25, 2020

Linux on RISC-V and systemd-homed

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July 2019 Meeting of ChicagoLUG

on June 16, 2018

Debian Packaging and Linux on FPGAs

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June 2018 Meeting of ChicagoLUG

on June 16, 2018

Running a Truly Open Source Android Stack

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May 2018 Meeting of ChicagoLUG

on May 5, 2018

ChicagoLUG Infra Hack Day Part 2 - Continue work with Ansible, Hugo and Discourse to make us a better LUG

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