The Chicago GNU/Linux User Group is a community of GNU/Linux and Free software developers, enthusiasts and system administrators who live in and around Chicago, Illinois. If you're curious about Linux and Free/Libre and Open-Source software, consider joining us.

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Meetings and Events

February 2017 Meeting of ChicagoLUG

on February 11, 2017

Learn about the actor model library for GNU Guile, 8sync, via an 8sync-powered multiplayer game.

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January 2017 Meeting of ChicagoLUG

on January 21, 2017

Get an overview of Flatpak and using Flatpak apps, & learn about the security-focused Copperhead OS.

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October 2016 Meeting of ChicagoLUG

on October 22, 2016

Talks on FLOSS in physics engineering and on securing our computers from advanced attacks

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June 2016 Meeting of ChicagoLUG

on June 25, 2016

Qubes OS and an update from the Open Internet of Things and Embedded Linux Conference.

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