May 2014 Meeting of the ChicagoLUG

We've scheduled our next meeting for Saturday, May 10th, with formal talks starting at 2:00 pm. We'll be meeting at the most excellent hackerspace, Pumping Station: One.

We're also likely to have time for working on projects together, and will provide more info about that as we get closer to the meeting date.

Speaking Topics

Freddy Martinez will take us through building and deploying our own TOR middle relay. This marks a continuation of rather technical, security and privacy related talks at ChicagoLUG.

We'll have an additional speaker lined up in time for the meeting, but our second speaker is currently TBD.


We're going to be creative about footstuffs this month, venturing away from the great but pricey Pat's Pizza, and try something new. Perhaps Pizza Metro, as they make a good pie and have some sweet coupons.

It's typically a good idea to bring a few dollars if you want to partake of pizza, but you aren't required to donate. You can also bring a beverage to share if you want to.

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