March 2015 Meeting of the ChicagoLUG

March 2015 Meeting of the ChicagoLUG

The meeting is set for Saturday, March 21st, starting at 2:00pm. We’ll be meeting at Pumping Station: One.

Speaking Topics

Ian McLeod - Linux Charcuterie - How the Linux Sausage is Made

Ian McLeod will take a look at the entire chain of building a distribution from start to finish, exploring how source is packaged and built, and then complex combinations of packages are joined together to make a cohesive Linux distribution. His talk will include include details of how this all works in a diverse set of environments - from aging x86 hardware to public cloud environments, Linux containers, and immutable systems.

Sten Turpin - Fedora and Project Atomic

Sten Turpin will build on Ian’s talk, giving an overview of Red Hat’s new, container-focused platform, Project Atomic. Basing his talk around the Fedora-based version of the project, he’ll demonstrate how to deploy and use Project Atomic on the Amazon AWS infrastructure.


We will have food! Probably pizza! At least a few of us typically bring some beverage to share, as well. We’re a community-run organization, so we recommend bringing a few dollars if you’d like to partake of the food. No one will be denied a slice of tasty pizza for inability to chip-in, though.