November 2015 Meeting of the ChicagoLUG

Our November meeting is set for Saturday, November 7th, starting at 2:00pm, and we’ll be meeting at Pumping Station: One. We’ll be learning about Bash autocompletion.

Speaking Topics

Bash Autocomplete, an Introduction

Freddy Martinez is a Chicago based SysAdmin and long time LUG member. In his talk, he will describe a very basic introduction into how bash auto-complete functions and how you can create your own custom auto complete functions. We will briefly look at how auto complete works, look at an example of how git defines their shell functions and then describe a custom build function. The talk will be introduction level and shouldn’t require a lot of shell scripting experience to follow along.

Docker in Immutable Infrastructure

Rob Dux will walk us through how he uses Docker as part of an immutable infrastructure work project and will take us through a how to set up a similar environment ourselves.


Kindly RVSP on our Page. We look forward to seeing you there!!


We will have food! Probably pizza! At least a few of us typically bring some beverage to share, as well. We’re a community-run organization, so we recommend bringing a few dollars if you’d like to partake of the food. No one will be denied a slice of tasty pizza for inability to chip-in, though.