October 2016 Meeting of ChicagoLUG

Our October meeting is set for Saturday, October 22nd, starting at 2:00pm, and we’ll be meeting at the Telnyx offices. We will get a quick overview of FLOSS-technologies at Telnyx, and Bonnie King will show us how FLOSS supports high-energy physics research at Fermilab. Matthew Garrett will wrap things up with an extended talk on securing computers from highly skilled attackers.

Telynx Engineering - Rob Dux

An overview of FLOSS-based engineering technologies in use at Telynx.

Linux and Open Source at Fermilab - Bonnie King

High Energy Physics research has a legacy of using and contributing to Free and Open Source Software. As a sysadmin at Fermilab, Bonnie will talk about some current and upcoming experiments and the way Linux and FLOSS are put to work in Physics research.

Securing Computers from Highly Skilled Attackers - Matthew Garrett

The modern world keeps giving us demonstrations of governments finding new and exciting ways to spy on computers. It’s unlikely that you’ll be the target of any of this surveillance, but where governments start, criminals probably won’t be too far behind. Matthew Garrett will talk about some of the more unsettling attacks seen in the past few years, but also discuss some of the things normal users can do to protect against them.


RSVP’s are not required, but are encouraged to help us with planning our food order for the event. You can RSVP on our Meetup page.


We will have food! Probably pizza! At least a few of us typically bring some beverage to share, as well. We’re a community-run organization, so we recommend bringing a few dollars if you’d like to partake of the food. No one will be denied a slice of tasty pizza for inability to chip-in, though.