December 2017 Meeting of ChicagoLUG

Our December Meeting is set for Saturday, December 9th, starting at 2:00pm, and we’ll be meeting at Pumping Station: One.

How the DebConf video team uses Ansible

Ansible Logo

Carl Karsten will provide a tour of how the DebConf video team provisions their video recording hardware. Whether he is putting the installer and config files onto bootable media, or serving it up using a PXE stack, Carl uses Ansible to turn the new box into one of the many types of machines needed: video mixer, frame grabber, encoder, nfs server, even the dhcp/pxe server that hosts all the scripts to do all the things.

Carl will focus on the Ansible parts of this deployment. If you are new to Ansible, maybe this will get you started. If you are an expert, you’ll be able to offer feedback on how things may be better.

The Linux Vendor Firmware Service

Updating system firmware is a necessary, but often under-appreciated task. Not many people notice updated firmware, but updating your firmware can improve system performance and resolve security issues.

Jim Campbell will be taking a look at the Linux Vendor Firmware Service, which aims to make the process of updating system firmware on Linux devices a lot easier.


If this sounds cool to you, you should RSVP. RSVP’s are not required, but are encouraged to help us with planning our food order for the event. You can RSVP on our Meetup page.


We will have food! Probably pizza! At least a few of us typically bring some beverage to share, as well. We’re a community-run organization, so we recommend bringing a few dollars if you’d like to partake of the food. No one will be denied a slice of tasty pizza for inability to chip-in, though.