January 2020 Meeting of ChicagoLUG

Our January 2020 meeting is set for Saturday, January 25th, starting at 2:00pm, We’ll gather at Pumping Station: One.

We have two talks lined-up for this meeting, covering Linux on RISC-V and systemd-homed.

Linux on RISC-V

This is going to be an exciting meeting. Drew will demo Linux running on RISC-V on the Hackaday Supercon Badge, and talk about how we were able to accomplish that using free software tools such as Linux-on-LiteX-VexRiscv and KiCad.

Drew will also look at what’s coming up in 2020 for Linux on RISC-V including developments in the kernel, Fedora and Debian, plus what Linux-capable silicon chips are on the horizon.

Here are some relevant links:

Jim will be presenting on one of the newer (and yet-to-be-merged) components of systemd, systemd-homed. We’ll take a look at some of the problems it aims to solve, how it attempts to solve them, and when you’d want to use it / when you’d not want to use it.

As always, this is a BYOB event and we will have pizza. RSVP’s are encouraged but not required. We look forward to seeing everyone there!


If this sounds good to you and you plan to join us, kindly RSVP. RSVP’s are not required, but are encouraged to help us with planning our food order for the event. You can RSVP on our Meetup page.


We will have food! Probably pizza! At least a few of us typically bring some beverage to share, as well. We’re a community-run organization, so we recommend bringing a few dollars if you’d like to partake of the food. No one will be denied a slice of tasty pizza for inability to chip-in, though.